"Raising Shell In 2007"


The continued adventures of the four adolescent mutated turtles gifted in the art of the ninja, as they attempt to stop a mysterious evil that threatens to end the world


90 min.


Kevin Munroe

Cast / Superheroes

Chris EvansCasey (voice)
Sarah Michelle GellarApril O'Neil (voice)
Mako IwamatsuSplinter (voice)
Kevin SmithDiner Cook (voice)
Patrick StewartWinters (voice)
Zhang ZiyiKarai (voice)
Laurence FishburneNarrator (voice)
Mitchell WhitfieldDonatello / Additional Voices (voice)
James Arnold TaylorLeonardo (voice)
Mikey KelleyMichelangelo (voice)
Nolan NorthRaphael / Nightwatcher (voice)
John DiMaggioColonel Santino (voice)
Paula MattioliGeneral Serpiente (voice)
Kevin Michael RichardsonGeneral Aguila / Additional Voices (voice)
Fred TatascioreGeneral Gato / Additional Voices (voice)
Dee Bradley BakerAdditional Voices (voice)
Jim CummingsAdditional Voices (voice)
Phil LaMarrAdditional Voices (voice)
Tara StrongAdditional Voices (voice)
Billy WestAdditional Voices (voice)

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