"The legend you know. The adventure you have yet to imagine."


Dashing legionnaire Rick O'Connell stumbles upon the hidden ruins of Hamunaptra while in the midst of a battle to claim the area in 1920s Egypt. It has been over three thousand years since former High Priest Imhotep suffered a fate worse than death as a punishment for a forbidden love—along with a curse that guarantees eternal doom upon the world if he is ever awoken.


124 min.


Stephen Sommers

Cast / Superheroes

Brendan FraserRick O'Connell
Rachel WeiszEvelyn Carnahan
John HannahJonathan Carnahan
Arnold VoslooImhotep
Patricia VelásquezAnck-Su Namun
Kevin J. O'ConnorBeni Gabor
Jonathan HydeDr. Allen Chamberlain
Oded FehrArdeth Bay
Erick AvariDr. Terrence Bey
Stephen DunhamMr. Henderson
Corey JohnsonMr. Daniels
Tuc WatkinsMr. Burns
Omid DjaliliWarden Gad Hassan
Aharon IpaléPharaoh Seti I
Bernard FoxCaptain Winston Havlock
Carl ChaseHook
Mohammed AfifiHangman
Abderrahim El AadiliCamel Trader
Jake ArnottMummy
Mason BallMummy
Isobel BrookMummy
James Traherne BurtonMummy
Peter ChequerMummy
Porl SmithMummy
Ian WarnerMummy

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