"The Rush Is On!"


After a botched assassination attempt, the mismatched duo finds themselves in Paris, struggling to retrieve a precious list of names, as the murderous crime syndicate's henchmen try their best to stop them. Once more, Lee and Carter must fight their way through dangerous gangsters; however, this time, the past has come back to haunt Lee. Will the boys get the job done once and for all?


91 min.


Brett Ratner

Cast / Superheroes

Chris TuckerDet. James Carter
Jackie ChanChief Insp. Lee
Hiroyuki SanadaKenji
Max von SydowVarden Reynard
Yvan AttalGeorge
Roman PolanskiDet. Revi
Zhang JingchuSoo Yung
Philip Baker HallCapt. William Diel
Noémie LenoirGenevieve
Youki KudohDragon Lady
Tzi MaAmbassador Han
Dana IveySister Agnes
Henry OMaster Yu
Mia TylerMarsha
Michael ChowChinese Foreign Minister
KentaroFrench Assassin
Ann ChristineDressing Room Girl
Darryl ChanReynard Triad Gangster (uncredited)
Sarah ShahiZoe (uncredited)
Arnold ChonMotorcycle Triad (uncredited)
George CheungReynard Triad Gangster (uncredited)
Simon RheeTriad Assassin (uncredited)
Marc HoangEiffel Tower Lookout
David Niven Jr.British Foreign Minister
Oanh NguyenMi
Andrew QuangKung Fu Kid
Sun MingmingKung Fu Giant
Lisa ThornhillNurse
Ludovic ParisFrench Cop
Richard DieuxFrench Cop
Olivier SchneiderFrench Cop
Philippe BergeronBaccarat Dealer
Daniel YabutCroupier
Frank BruynbroekBartender
Lisa PiepergerdesFalling Woman
Éric NaggarFront Desk Man
Silvie LagunaElevator Woman
Micaelle Mee-SookChinese Waitress
Daniel DecrauzeSinging Guitarist
Anna ChiuDressing Room Girl
Heather MostofizadehDressing Room Girl
Jasmine DustinDressing Room Girl
Francesca CecilDressing Room Girl
David GoldsmithClown
Michel FranciniOld Man on Balcony
Julie DepardieuGeorge's Wife
R.J. DurellFollies Dancer
Rachael MarkarianFollies Dancer
Noa DoriGendarmes Dancer
James LewTriad Assassin (uncredited)

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