"Once he fought for a dream. Now he's fighting for love!"


After Rocky goes the distance with champ Apollo Creed, both try to put the fight behind them and move on. Rocky settles down with Adrian but can't put his life together outside the ring, while Creed seeks a rematch to restore his reputation. Soon enough, the "Master of Disaster" and the "Italian Stallion" are set on a collision course for a climactic battle that is brutal and unforgettable.


119 min.


Sylvester Stallone

Cast / Superheroes

Sylvester StalloneRobert "Rocky" Balboa
Talia ShireAdrianna "Adrian" Balboa
Burt YoungPaulie Pennino
Carl WeathersApollo Creed
Burgess MeredithMickey Goldmill
Tony BurtonTony "Duke" Evers
Joe SpinellTony Gazzo
Leonard GainesAgent
Sylvia MealsMary Anne Creed
Frank McRaeMeat Foreman (uncredited)
Al SilvaniCutman (uncredited)
John PleshetteDirector (uncredited)
Stu NahanAnnouncer (uncredited)
Bill BaldwinCommentator (uncredited)
Jerry ZiesmerSalesman (uncredited)
Paul MicaleFather Carmine (uncredited)
Earl MontgomeryEmployment Manager (uncredited)
Herb NanasEmployment Manager (uncredited)
Stuart K. RobinsonJohnny (uncredited)
Frank StalloneSinger (uncredited)
Charles 'Honi' ColesSinger (uncredited)
Doug FlorSinger (uncredited)
Robert KondyraSinger (uncredited)
James ZazzarinoSinger (uncredited)
Eddie 'El Annimal' LopezFighter (uncredited)
Taurean BlacqueLawyer (uncredited)
James J. CasinoChink's Manager (uncredited)
Shaka CumbukaCornerman (uncredited)
Roberto DuránFighter (uncredited)
Lou FillipoReferee (uncredited)
Ruth Ann FlynnJewelry Sales Lady (uncredited)
Linda GreyAgent (uncredited)
Grainger HinesEmergency Room Aide (uncredited)
Garrie KellyWhite Hunter (uncredited)
Ava LazarWhite Hunter (uncredited)
Joseph LetiziaCar Salesman (uncredited)
René Le VantYoung Lugger (uncredited)
Tawny LittleReporter (uncredited)
Paul McCraneYoung Patient (uncredited)
Sonny MelendrezReporter (uncredited)
Tony MunafoBoxer (uncredited)
Brent MusburgerReporter (uncredited)
Ed NessTimekeeper (uncredited)
Fred PinkardLawyer (uncredited)
Jane Marla RobbinsGloria (uncredited)
Hank RolikeCornerman (uncredited)
David L. RossReporter (uncredited)
Fran RyanAdrian's Nurse (uncredited)
Whitney RydbeckSound Man (uncredited)
Shepherd SandersEmployment Manager (uncredited)
Jeff TemkinRing Announcer (uncredited)
Allan WarnickMakeup Man (uncredited)
Charles WinklerCamera Assistant (uncredited)
James ZazaEmergency Room Reporter (uncredited)
Samuel DavisApollo's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Rutanya AldaDoctor Cooper (uncredited)

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