"The first was for himself. The second for his country. This time it's to save his friend."


Combat has taken its toll on Rambo, but he's finally begun to find inner peace in a monastery. When Rambo's friend and mentor Col. Trautman asks for his help on a top secret mission to Afghanistan, Rambo declines but must reconsider when Trautman is captured.


102 min.


Peter MacDonald

Cast / Superheroes

Sylvester StalloneRambo
Richard CrennaTrautman
Kurtwood SmithGriggs
Spiros FocásMasoud
Sasson GabaiMousa
Doudi ShouaHamid
Randy RaneyKourov
Marcus GilbertTomask
Alon AboutboulNissem
Mahmoud AssadollahiRahim
Joseph ShiloachKhalid
Harold DiamondStick Fighter
Matti SeriGun Dealer
Shaby Ben-AroyaUri
Marc de JongeZaysen

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  • Rambo III (1988)
  • Rambo III (1988)
  • Rambo III (1988)
  • Rambo III (1988)
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