"A little intelligence goes a long way"


The most prominent heads of state in the world begin gathering for a conference that could have a major impact on global politics. When MI-7 receives word that the Chinese premier has become the target of some high-powered killers, it falls on Johnny English to save the day. Armed with the latest high-tech weaponry and gadgets that would make even James Bond jealous, the once-disgraced agent uncovers evidence of a massive conspiracy involving some of the world's most powerful organisations, and vows to redeem his tarnished reputation by stopping the killers before they can strike.


101 min.


Oliver Parker

Cast / Superheroes

Rowan AtkinsonJohnny English
Gillian AndersonPamela Thornton ("Pegasus")
Dominic WestSimon Ambrose
Rosamund PikeKate Sumner
Daniel KaluuyaAgent Colin Tucker
Tim McInnernyPatch Quartermain
Pik-Sen LimKiller Cleaner
Richard SchiffTitus Fisher
Burn GormanSlater
Eric CarteAgent One
Roger BarclayAgent Two
Togo IgawaTing Wang
Eleanor WyldReceptionist 1
Mandi SidhuReceptionist 2
Margaret ClunieReceptionist 3
Mariella FrostrupRoyce (Voice)
Miles JuppTechnician
Williams BelleLing
Paul Che Biu-lawChinese Man in Spectacles
Courtney WuMan in Spectacles 2
Rupert VansittartDerek
Isla BlairShirley
Emma VansittartMargaret
Christina ChongBarbara
Siu Hun LiChinese Susan
Joséphine de la BaumeMadeleine
Wale OjoPresident Chambal
Mark IvanirKarlenko
Chris JarmanMichael Tembe
Stephen Campbell MoorePrime Minister
Benedict WongChi Han Ly
Andrew WoodallForeign Secretary
Lobo ChanXiang Ping
Isabella Blake-ThomasIzzie
Janet WhitesidePamela's Mother
Maisie FishbournePamela's Toddler
Gary KaneMatov
Clara PagetWaitress
Richard SymsMan in Pinstripe
Lily AtkinsonGirl with Crash Helmet
Ellen ThomasTucker's Mum
Ian ShawAgent Number Two
Oliver ZhengChinese Interpreter
Dave HollandMan in Wheelchair

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