"Justice is coming."


Dominic Toretto and his crew battle the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they've ever encountered: his forsaken brother.


143 min.


Justin Lin

Cast / Superheroes

Vin DieselDominic Toretto
Michelle RodriguezLetty Ortiz Toretto
Tyrese GibsonRoman Pearce
LudacrisTej Parker
John CenaJakob Toretto
Nathalie EmmanuelRamsey
Jordana BrewsterMia Toretto
Sung KangHan Lue
Michael RookerBuddy
Helen MirrenMagdalene 'Queenie' Shaw
Kurt RussellMr. Nobody
Charlize TheronCipher
Anna SawaiElle
Lucas BlackSean Boswell
Shad MossTwinkie
Jason TobinEarl Hu
Thue Ersted RasmussenOtto
Don OmarRico Santos
Shea WhighamAgent Stasiak
Vincent Sinclair DieselYounger Dom
Finn ColeYoung Jakob
Vinnie BennettYoung Dom
J. D. PardoJack Toretto
Cardi BLeysa
Jim ParrackKenny Linder
Lex ElleSergeant Reyes (uncredited)
Krzysztof MardulaThug
Amber SiennaInterpol
Martyn FordLieutenant Sue
Albert GiannitelliTechnician
OzunaYoung Santos
Méghane De CroockOtto's Entourage (uncredited)
Bad BunnyLookout
Siena AgudongYoung Mia
Isaac HoltaneLittle Brian
Immanuel HoltaneLittle Brian
Azia Dinea HaleYoung Letty
Juju ZhangYoung Elle
Karson KernYoung Vince
Igby RigneyYoung Jesse
Sophia TatumRacer Chick
Francis NgannouFerocious Professional
CeredYoung Leo
Oqwe Lin'Hey' Kid
Bill SimmonsLinder Pit Crew
Luka HaysDeputy
Jimmy LinLookout
Jason StathamDeckard Shaw (uncredited)
Janice BlueRace Car Model (uncredited)
Sophia BuiRace Car Model (uncredited)
Miranda ChambersInterpol (uncredited)
Elizabeth HaleyStreet Race Model (uncredited)
Rob HorrocksElite Guard (uncredited)
Joy A. KennellyDrunk Girl #1 (uncredited)
Amber PaulineStreet Race Model (uncredited)
Demitra SealyFlag Girl (Flashback) (uncredited)
Valeria ZunzunFrench Astronaut (uncredited)
Ella WalkerVanessa (uncredited)

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