"What makes you different makes you dangerous."


In a world divided into factions based on personality types, Tris learns that she's been classified as Divergent and won't fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it's too late.


139 min.


Neil Burger

Cast / Superheroes

Shailene WoodleyBeatrice "Tris" Prior
Theo JamesTobias "Four" Eaton
Ashley JuddNatalie Prior
Jai CourtneyEric Coulter
Ray StevensonMarcus Eaton
Zoë KravitzChristina
Miles TellerPeter Hayes
Tony GoldwynAndrew Prior
Ansel ElgortCaleb Prior
Maggie QTori Wu
Mekhi PhiferMax
Kate WinsletJeanine Matthews
Ben Lloyd-HughesWill
Christian MadsenAl
Amy NewboldMolly Atwood
Ben LambEdward
Janet Ulrich BrooksErudite Teacher
Clara BurgerLittle Abnegation Girl
Anthony FlemingGuard
Ryan CarrDauntless Man
Alex HashiokaErudite Guard
Will BlagroveDauntless Patrol Man
Justine WachsbergerLauren
Michael Gideon SherryBullied Abnegation Boy
Lukas BurgerJonathan Ziegler
Austin LyonZipline #1
Renee MorrisonZipline #2
Lucas RossZipline #3
Chris HayesDauntless Instructor
Ana CorbiFactionless Girl
Eric KaldorFactionless Man #1
Alice BowdenFactionless Man #2
Cleo AnthonyDauntless Patrol #1
Alice RietveldDauntless Patrol #2
Brad GreinerDauntless Patrol #3
Yasmine AkerDauntless Patrol #4
Michael James BellErudite Scientist #1
Leigh BushErudite Scientist #2
Bob RumnockOlder Abnegation Man
Elyse ColeTen Year Old Tris
EféCandor Judge
Christopher WeirCandor Lawyer
Doyle BrandCandor Witness
Faye JacksonAbnegation Woman
Scott RobertsAbnegation Man
Sophia MarzocchiCandor Attorney #2
Joel Thingvall
Parker MackSam Robertson (uncredited)
Brandon CyrusDauntless (uncredited)
Sasha AlsbergAmity Girl (uncredited)
Casimere JolletteClaire Sutron (uncredited)
Matt MullinsFighter on Ring (uncredited)
Jaiden HidalgoAbnegation Child (uncredited)
J. J. PerryBodyguard in Jeanine's Office (uncredited)

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