"The bitch is back."


After escaping with Newt and Hicks from the alien planet, Ripley crash lands on Fiorina 161, a prison planet and host to a correctional facility. Unfortunately, although Newt and Hicks do not survive the crash, a more unwelcome visitor does. The prison does not allow weapons of any kind, and with aid being a long time away, the prisoners must simply survive in any way they can.


114 min.


David Fincher

Cast / Superheroes

Sigourney WeaverRipley
Charles S. DuttonDillon
Charles DanceClemens
Pete PostlethwaiteDavid
Ralph BrownAaron
Paul McGannGolic
Danny WebbMorse
Lance HenriksenBishop II
Brian GloverAndrews
Tom Woodruff Jr.Alien
Deobia OpareiArthur
Niall BuggyEric
Christopher John FieldsRains
Peter GuinnessGregor
Vincenzo NicoliJude
Christopher FairbankMurphy
Philip DavisKevin
Paul BrennenTroy
Clive MantleWilliam
Carl ChaseFrank
Hi ChingCompany Man
Leon HerbertBoggs
Danielle EdmondNewt
Holt McCallanyJunior

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