"Time is the enemy"


At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers.


119 min.


Sam Mendes

Cast / Superheroes

George MacKayLance Corporal Schofield
Dean-Charles ChapmanLance Corporal Blake
Mark StrongCaptain Smith
Andrew ScottLieutenant Leslie
Richard MaddenLieutenant Blake
Claire DuburcqLauri
Colin FirthGeneral Erinmore
Benedict CumberbatchColonel MacKenzie
Daniel MaysSergeant Sanders
Adrian ScarboroughMajor Hepburn
Chris WalleyPrivate Bullen
Nabhaan RizwanSepoy Jondalar
Jamie ParkerLieutenant Richards
Tommy FrenchPrivate Butler
Paul TintoNCO Baker
Billy PostlethwaiteNCO Harvey
Richard McCabeColonel Collins
Justin EdwardsCaptain Ivins
Jonny LavelleOrderly Byrne
Gabriel AkuwudikePrivate Buchanan
Pip CarterLieutenant Gordon
Michael JibsonLieutenant Hutton
Andy ApolloSergeant Miller
Josef DaviesPrivate Stokes
Spike LeightonPrivate Kilgour
Robert MaaserGerman Pilot
Gerran HowellPrivate Parry
Adam HugillPrivate Atkins
Benjamin AdamsSergeant Harrop
Anson BoonPrivate Cooke
Kenny FullwoodPrivate Rossi
Ryan NolanPrivate Malky
Elliot BaxterPrivate Singer
Bogdan KumshatskyGerman Sniper
Kye MckeeGerman Soldier
Ivy-I MacnamaraFrench Baby
Merlin LeonhardtSoldat Muller
Taddeo KufusSoldat Baumer
Jos SlovickWayfaring Stranger Soldier
Luke HornsbyPrivate Pinewood
Jack ShallooPrivate Seymour
Elliot EdusahPrivate Grey
Joe MendesPrivate Willock
Jacob James BeswickLance Corporal Duff
Ian WilsonSergeant Wright
Bradley ConnorSergeant Gardner
John HollingworthSergeant Guthrie
Daniel AttwellCaptain Sandbach
Samson Cox-VinellOrderly Dixon
Richard DempseyMackenzie Officer
Phil CheadleMackenzie Officer
Jonah RussellCaptain Morahan
Michael RouseCaptain Rylands

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